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    Premium Safety Box
    Secures Your Valuables Creates Business Opportunities

    Beach safety box, protect gadgets.
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    Carl Zeiss Hand Made wooden sunglasses

    Wooden designer sunglasses
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    160m2 supersized billboards the largest, most impactful billboards in Cyprus to date.

    160m2 advertising billboards in Cyprus
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About Think Big Group

Think Big Group Ltd (TBG) is a corporation which is engaged in a wide spectrum of activities that include advertising, import / export and retail. The company's headquarters are based in Cyprus, and its presence is felt at an international level via the products and services it offers.

With major presence in the Larnaca International Airport – area in Cyprus, "160m2Larger Than Life Outdoor" was brought to life in 2009 and offers the largest and most impactful billboards in Cyprus to date.

While all supersized billboards occupy prime strategic locations, "160m2" allows brands to connect with their consumers, and achieve maximum impact for their advertising message.

Combining the love for advertising and niche market opportunities the company engaged to first explore the advertising world locally in Cyprus, which would later unveil an other great gap and opportunity in the market. This great opportunity was the result of a lot of years of feedback from location owners, end users and advertising sponsors and it soon got the name "Safey".

Safey is a patentable and innovative safety box that can be installed on any type of umbrella and allows people to store their belongings whilst they are Safey enjoying their vacation. The unique selling point of Safey is the fact that it allows guests to have quick access to their belongings whilst they lay on their sun bed; it offers them secure protection and at the same time guests have the ability to wear the key with the help of an awesome key holder called "Safit".

Getting into the manufacturing and design market has allowed the company to nourish its creative side and soon it will be producing other great add-ons for Safey and Safit, like Premium Safey which is a solar panel power station as well as many more that will slowly be revealed to the public in the near future.

TBG doesn't only manufacture and design products as a whole, but is also involved in the import and export business. The company not only imports and exports its own products and services but also represents other up and coming brands, like Custom Made Projects; which are sustainable hand-made wooden sunglasses designed and manufactured in Mexico City.

TBG is always open to explore great opportunities, niche ideas and new markets. It is eager to learn and expand its activities and is constantly looking for partners around the world that want to do the same. Additionally it has experience in marketing and advertising campaigns both above and below the line and also offers consultation and full marketing campaigns for its sponsors and partners.


Award-winning product

This award was given by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (founder of Easy Group) to Think Big Group for "Safey" the company's patented beach safety box.

Safety solution for protecting valuables and gadgets at the beach

Safey® – Secure Your Valuables

Securing your guests valuables whilst creating a new business opportunity for yourself

Safey is a patentable safety box that provides an alternative way to safeguard personal belongings of guests whilst they are on vacation. It can be installed on any type of umbrella, and thus acts as a unique selling point for a range of interested parties.

Hotels, Waterparks, Pools, Camps, Amusement Parks, Beach bars, clubs and restaurants are just a few that can use this innovative product, either by offering it as an extra service to their guests, or charging it and generating extra revenue from Safey.

Their guests will feel protected, as they will have their personal belongings next to their sunbed for quick access, while research has shown that they don't mind paying for this amazing service. Moreover, they are stress - free and able to spend more money at their vacation, or enjoy more time with their loved ones, as they can carry the key with them using Safit, our custom- designed, waterproof key holder. Safit was designed to offer ease of mind for people enjoying outdoor activities, be it running, swimming, partying or spending time with their kids and loved ones.

Moreover, both Safey and Safit are ideal for sponsors or advertising agencies, as both of them can be fully customized in any colour and include any branding message required by the specific marketing campaign. Think Big Group Ltd works closely with international sponsors and can take full responsibility for customization of its products.

We are constantly evolving our products and are now in the process of offering Premium Safey and many more add-ons that our partners can exploit. We are constantly looking to expand and find fitting distributors who share the same vision in bringing our products and services in their respective market.

Visit Safey website
Custom designed wooden sunglasses

Custom Made Projects

In 2013 Think Big Group Ltd started exploring other opportunities and gaps in the market. It soon found an amazing opportunity to represent and become the exclusive distributor of the award-winning brand called "Custom Made Projects", in both Cyprus and Greece.

Custom Made Projects are sustainable handmade wooden sunglasses designed and manufactured by a group of creative young entrepreneurs in Mexico City.

Their goal was to combine their creativity with the elements of nature and design, and in 2010 they brought to life one of the very first sunglass models that would lead them down this amazing and ever changing wooden path.

Since 2010 they were voted as one of the top ten up and coming brands in 2014, took part in various fashion shows like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show as well as designed custom made sunglasses for various well know designers like Ricardo Seco. Slowly but steadily the brand is increasing its market share in both Mexico and the US, and is capturing various other European markets as well.

Not only are they made from real wood found in forests all over South America and Mexico, but their lenses are also stamped and approved by Carl Zeiss. Their cooperation with the world renowned leading manufacturer of lenses has enabled them to earn not only the "coolness" factor, but also the "quality" factor, something that Think Big Group Ltd values and appreciates as a company.

Recently launched in Cyprus & Greece, and already they have been on the faces of our fashion elite! Custom Made Projects are available in select boutiques across both countries and of course, on our online shop.

Visit CustomMadeProjects online shop
160m2 billboard advertising cyprus

160m2 - Larger than life outdoor

The primary aim of 160m2 is to strengthen the communication between advertisers and consumers, through the medium of outdoor advertising.

Though this method of advertising is by no means a novel concept, our innovative approach consists in the offering of supersized billboards; the largest, most impactful billboards in Cyprus to date.

We aspire to provide advertisers with the greatest visibility possible in order to allow effective communication of their messages, as well as the possibility for creative customizing to suit individual needs.

All billboards occupy prime locations, and with dominant presence at the Larnaca airport area where traffic intensity is at its peak, 160m2 offers its clients the maximum exposure that is central to cost-effective advertising.

In sum, our mission is two-fold; on the one hand, to enrich the dynamics of the outdoor advertising market, and, on the other, to offer an alternative, innovative approach, hence achieving modernization in this sector.



  • Others only have to offer billboards with dimensions: 8m x 3m = 24m2 & 10m x 4m = 40m2
  • 160m2 offers billboards which are no less than 7 & 4 times larger respectively.
  • We are the first company in Cyprus to introduce billboards of such us 20 x 8 = 160m2!
  • Our gigantic billboards are destined to attract the attention of your valued customers.
  • We guarantee it!

Best Advertising Locations in Cyprus

  • 160m2 supersized billboards are strategically positioned at premium, high traffic density sites.

Day and Night

  • Our billboards light up the sky at night.
  • 160m2 billboards are the only billboards which stand proud 24/7 - offering uninterrupted advertising.
Visit 160m2 website